We hope that all of our alum are doing well! Let us know what you are up to.

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Graduate Students

Lewis Rothberg
Ph. D. Harvard, 1983
Professor at University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Dan Gerrity
Ph. D. Harvard, 1983
Professor of Chemistry at Reed College, Portland, OR
Jeane Welch
Ph. D. Harvard, 1984
Research Scientist at Naval Research
Doreen Geller Leopold
Ph. D. Harvard, 1983
Associate Professor at University of Minnesota, MN
Russell J. Hemley
Ph. D. Harvard, 1983
Director of Geophysical Laboratory at Carnegie Instiutie, Washington D.C. National Academy of Sciences 2000
Maureen McCarthy
Ph. D. Colorado, 1988
Director, R & D at Science and Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security, Washington D.C.
Douglass Prinslow
Ph. D. Colorado, 1988
Manager - Testchip Design at Texas Instruments, Inc.
Steve Sapers
Ph. D. Colorado, 1989
Director of Analytical Labs at OCL, Santa Rosa, CA
Erik Richard
Ph. D. Colorado, 1991
Research Scientist III at NOAA Aeronomy Labs, Boulder, CO
Anne Jefferson
Ph. D. Colorado, 1992
Research Associate at NOAA CMDL/NCAR, Boulder CO
Kathy Lantz
Ph. D. Colorado, 1993
Research Associate at NOAA CMDL, Boulder, CO
Greg Frost
Ph. D. Colorado, 1995
Research Scientist II at NOAA Aeronomy Labs, Boulder, CO
Laura Brown
Ph. D. Colorado, 1996
Senior Marerial Analyst at AMD, Austin, TX
Lisa Goss
Ph. D. Colorado, 1998
Associate Professor at Idaho State University, ID
Jill Headrick
Ph. D. Colorado, 2002
Postdoctoral Fellow at Univeristy of Kansas, KS
Paul Hintze
Ph. D. Colorado, 2002
Research Scientist, Applied Technology Directorate, NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL
Teresa Eliason
Ph. D. Colorado, 2004
Chemist at TestAmerica - Denver, CO
Karl J. Feierabend
Ph. D. Colorado, 2006
 Assistant Professor, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH
Daniel K. Havey
Ph. D. Colorado, 2006
Assistant Professor at James Madison University, VA
Jessica B. Gilman
Ph. D. Colorado, 2006
Research Scientist, NOAA/ESRL in the CSD, Boulder, CO
Nabilah Rontu-Carlon
Ph. D. Colorado, 2008
Chemistry Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Katy L. Plath
Ph. D. Colorado, 2010
Chemistry Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder CO
Marta K Maron  Ph. D. Colorado, 2011

Chemistry Instructor, University of Colorado, Denver, CO

Jessica L. Axson Ph. D. Colorado, 2012

Postdoctoral Fellow at University of California, San Diego, CA

Elizabeth Griffith Ph. D. Colorado, 2014

Instructor at University of Maryland Baltimore County


Postdoctoral Fellows

Rex Pendley
Research Scientist at Computer Sciences, Washington D.C.
Frank Wang
William Hollingsworth
Professor at Carleton College, MN
D. Jamie Donaldson
Professor at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Eckart Ruhl
Professor at Wurtzburg Unversity, Germany
Tom Wickham-Jones
Wolfram Research at Champaign, IL
Kamal Goudjil    
Laszlo Barna    
Gabriella Waschewsky
Jim Phillips
Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire
Axel Bothur
Simone Aloisio
Assoicate Professor at California State University - Channel Islands
Molly Larsen
Director of Advanced Labs, University of Colorado, Boulder
Tara Kahan
Assistant Professor at Syracuse University, NY


Undergraduate Students

Roland Dunbrack
Geoff Gains
Jenny Day
Brenda Kessenich
Karen Herendine/Arpag
Thomas Wender
Olivier Charras
Robert Horansky
Dan Lesniewski
Shane Murphy
Kristina Treanor
Erica Tsai
Aron Fast