The Sammakia Lab

Group Photo that sucks fat Jake
Sammakia Group and Friends, from left to right (some are in front of others, just deal):
Jake Greenberg, Katelyn Chando, Will Hartwig, Tarek Sammakia, Jeff Gazaille, Rachel Chambers, T. Price Kirby
We currently have no postdoctoral openings
The Sammakia group is interested in the organic synthesis, broadly defined.  We study the total synthesis of natural products, the development of new methods and catalysts for organic synthesis, mechanistic features of reactions that proceed with high levels of selectivity, and the use of organic synthesis as a probe for problems in chemical biology.  Often times, a single project will incorporate aspects of all these interests.  Three projects, representative of our approach to organic synthesis, are described below.

The Sammakia group meeting for Fall 2014 Fall/Winter time TBA.

Everyone is welcome to join us!