Mass spectrometry services

We are always available to discuss the capabilities of the laboratory, provide advice on what preparative and analytical methods to use, and discuss the interpretation of results. We are here to help and are happy to do so. Here is a short list of the services we provide.

If you wish to submit samples to the mass spectrometry laboratory for analysis, please follow the guidelines listed on our sample information page.

  • Protein Identification:

    Identification of protein complex components by LC/MS/MS.
    Protein identification of low abundance gel purified proteins.
    High confidence identifications based on database searching.
    Identification of post-translational modifications (Phosphorylation).
    Intact molecular weight measurement.

  • Small Molecules:

    Low resolution analysis and accurate mass determination.
    Sample mixture analysis by GC/MS and LC/MS.
    Quantitative analysis.
    Structure determination.

Any questions you may have regarding sample preparation, data interpretation, or method of analysis are welcome, as always.