Mass spectrometry facility

The Central Analytical Laboratory facility, located in room C1B90 in the JSC Biotechnology Building, currently houses seven mass spectrometers to provide structural information on various samples (from small organic molecules to large proteins). The facility is available to analyze samples from both University of Colorado and non-CU sources.

The following instruments are housed in the facility:

ManufacturerModelMass AnalyzerIonization Methods
ABI Voyager-DE™ STR Time-of-Flight (ToF) MALDI
ABI QSTAR® Hybrid LC/MS/MS System triple quadrupole / ToF MALDI, ESI, nanospray, APCI
ABI 4000 Q TRAP® LC/MS/MS System triple quadrupole / linear ion trap ESI, nanospray
Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca LC/MSn Ion Trap ESI
Thermo Finnigan LTQ LC/MSn Ion Trap ESI
Thermo Finnigan LTQ Orbitrap LTQ Ion Trap / Orbitrap ESI
Thermo Finnigan PolarisQ Ion Trap GC/MSn Ion Trap EI
Agilent LC/MSD Trap Ion Trap ESI
HP GC/HP5980 Quadrupole EI, CI
HP HP5980 Quadrupole ESI

Our instruments are used to confirm the identity of various organic and inorganic compounds including liquid crystals, carboranes, proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides using both positive and negative ionization modes.