jacquie awardJacquie Richardson has been awarded a Individual Achievement Award for Campus Sustainability for her efforts in making the Organic Chemistry labs more environmentally friendly.

Jacquie took on the  responsibility of redistilling acetone, collected from many labs in the Chemistry Department.Reuse is  estimated to have saved the Chemistry Department $1500 in acetone purchases.

She also has been  working to replace toxics used in the O-Chem Teaching Labs with green chemistry experiments (bromination of stilbene, synthesis and recrystallization of adipic acid, kinetics of hydrolysis, Electrophilic  Aromatic Iodination, and palladium-catalyzed alkyne coupling).

Jacquie’s efforts to teach future scientists green chemistry skills have lasting impacts with over 800  students that pass through the Organic Chemistry Teaching Labs every year.  Her efforts to reduce  hazardous waste generation go beyond her responsibilities and are deserving of recognition.