We would like to welcome all the 2012 Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Student class to our department.

Thank you all for joining our program and we hope that you will enjoy the next years as part of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

As part of a commitment to continuing the tradition of excellence the department provides a graduate program that integrates opportunities for cutting-edge creative research and study across of wide range of areas including analytical, atmospheric, biochemistry, biophysical, chemical physics, environmental, organic, materials and nanoscience, and physical chemistry.


Chemistry and Biochemistry Class

Front Row - Nicole Harrison, Anna Curtis, Yu Han, Justine Debelius, Katherine Macri, Christine Anderson, Melissa Ugelow, Jay Kroll, Kelsey Higgins, Rebecca Rapf, Allie Hunter<br />Second Row - : Jisu Ryu, Abigail Horn, Jonas Gertsch, Ashley Marshall, Katie Primm, Jaclyn Sprenger, Madison Martinez, Nicholas Parsonnet<br />Third Row - Noah Kastelovitz, Premashis Manna, Sam Shepard, Alyssa Olivas<br />Forth Row - Adam Brunell, Joshua Sloan, Allan Maple, Andrew Chomas, Theodore Koenig, Daniel Kroupa, Tais Labrador, Setareh Azarnoush<br />Fifth Row - Patrick Castro, P. Arden Doerner.<br />Back Row - Shirong Bai, Zhangxing Shi, Yuchen Ding, Thomas Carey, Cory Goldsmith, Steven Strong, Howard Kuo, Russell Perkins, Alex Hopkins, Siddharth Shukla<br />Not Pictured: Joe Cardiello, Allison Harris, Marie Balboa, Jacob Greenberg, Skye Rios, Neil Lloyd, David Protter, Briana Van Treeck, Jordan Kretchmer, Phillip Taynton

Chemistry Class

Front Row - Jisu Ryu, Kelsey Higgins, Jay Kroll, Melissa Ugelow, Katherine Macri, Anna Curtis, Allie Hunter<br />Second Row - Patrick Castro, Jacob Greenberg, Allison Harris, Setareh Azarnoush, Madison Martinez, Ashley Marshal, Rebecca Rapf, Nicole Harrison<br />Third Row - Joshua Sloan, Jonas Gertsch, Daniel Kroupa, Jaclyn Sprenger, Katherine Primm, Sam Shepard, Alyssa Olivas, Tais Labrador<br />Forth Row - Adam Brunesll, Theodore Koenig, Richard Perkins, Andrew Chomas, Shoring Bai, Zhangxing Shi, Premashis Manna<br />Back Row - Allan Maple de Olivera, Skye Rios, Steven Strong, Thomas Carey, Cory goldsmith, Yuchen Ding<br />Not Pictured: Jordan Kretchmer, Phillip Taynton

Biochemistry Class

Front Row - Yu Han, Marie Balboa, Justine Debelius<br />Second Row - David Protter, Arden Doerner, Joe Cardiello, Christine Anderson, Nicholas Parsonnet<br />Back Row - Noah Kastelowits-Lieberman, Neil Lloyd, Briana Ban Treeck, Siddarth Shukla, Alex Hopkins, Howard Kuo<br />Not Pictured: Abby Horn

Previous Class Photos

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