Note: This course is no longer offered. Please See CHEM 1113 and 1114

Lect., rec., lab.

Introductory college-level chemistry course for students who have taken high school chemistry and whose academic plans require advanced work in chemistry or who wish to satisfy the natural science requirement at a more advanced level than CHEM 1051-1071.

Prereqs., one year high school chemistry or CHEM 1001 OR 1021 (min grade C-); high school math through pre-calculus. Not recommended for students with grades below B- in CHEM 1001 or 1021. Not open to engineering students except by special arrangement.

Credit not granted for this course and CHEM 1251, 1351, 1221, or CHEN 1211.

Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: natural science.

Available: Spring 2009 Summer 2009 Fall 2009