In order to help our faculty, staff and graduate students find the easiest method to get between our buildings on both east and main campus, we have compiled this list of transporation options. 

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By Car:

carDriving to either campus is an option available to all Department Faculty and Staff members who hold a current parking permit. Business Permits are available to be used concurrently with a valid parking permit to park in designated parking areas on either campus. Both permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror of the car while being parked. The permit is to be used for the purposes of conducting University business between campuses. Permits are not to be used for any personal parking needs. Any Faculty teaching classes may not use the permit to park on campus. For further details with regards to the rules and regulations for these permits please see a department parking liaison. 

For members traveling to the JSCBB building, lot 537 is available to park with this permit. This lot is located on the Northwest side of the building. This lot is monitored seven days a week from 7am to 5pm, so be sure to have it displayed if you will be at the building on a weekend.

For members traveling to RL2 or the Arc Buildings on East campus, any of the lots not listed on the permit can be used, along with any of the meters noted in pink on the parking services map. 

For members traveling to the Main campus, the permits are more limiting on where to park. All pink metered areas on the parking services map are acceptable. Parking with the permit in Euclid parking garage is not permitted.

Be sure to plan your trip ahead of time so that you know where to park. Any parking citations are the sole responsibility of the user of the permit.
Permits can be checked out by the department/building parking liaison. Denise Thomas is the parking liaison for any member in the Cristol and Ekeley buildings or the Chemistry division.
Members in the JSCBB building and Biochemistry division will need to contact Vicky Romano in the administrative office.
Permits must be returned promptly to the parking liaisons after returning to the respective home office.
If you have any questions please see the parking liaisons for assistance.


By Bus:

busAnother means to get between the campuses is by bus. The Stampede is the bus line that runs between East and Main campuses. Anyone with a valid Eco pass can hitch a ride for free. 

The Stampede’s schedule has been set up to run every ten minutes and in a two way direction. Bus stops for this line are located on 18th Street and along Colorado Avenue. There is a bus stop set up on the North and South side of Colorado Boulevard in front of JSCBB. The Stampede continues its route to the ARC building on Marine Street for service to East campus buildings.
For more details on the route and schedule times, please see RTD’s website: RTD Stampede Route


By Bicycle:

If you are one that wants to travel by your own power, perhaps a bicycle might be the best way to get back and forth between campuses. 

Biking can be a fast and fun way to get around campus. The campus has several bike racks located outside most buildings. At the JSCBB building there are covered and uncovered bike carrels to use while at the building.

Bikes are not permitted in any of the buildings so be sure to bring your lock with you to keep your bike secure.


By Foot:

 walkingIf you have the time and want to get some exercise in your day, walking between the two campuses is a great option. On average it takes 20 minutes to walk between campuses. 

The CU campus is bordered by the Boulder Creek path to the North. This path is a great way to get to either campus without any busy streets or traffic lights. If you have a meeting at RL2 or ARC, it takes you closer to this area of campus. If you continue past 30th street, you will come to where the path goes south to JSCBB. On a nice sunny day it is a pleasant way to get around.
If you would like a more direct route to JSCBB just follow Colorado Boulevard to the East.


Map from Cristol To JSCBB

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Questions & More Information:

If you have any questions, need more information or want to check out a Business permit, please contact:


For Cristol/Ekeley:
Denise Thomas
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ext. 2-6546, Cristol 57


Vicky Romano
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ext. 5-3788, JSCBB A171D