Documents, Forms and Other Useful Information

Below you will find documents that you will need throughout you tenure in graduate school.


Department Procedures and Who to Contact 


Process Information:


  •  Who is the Department Contact for Reimbursements? 

We have various staff members processing your reimbursement requests based on their expertise to best serve your needs. 

Seminars -

Chemistry - Rosemary Trujillo

Biochemistry - Lin Pharris

Graduate Recruitments -

Chemistry - Cori Fagan-Edminster

Biochemistry - Kim Kelley

Travel -

Chemistry Funding - Rosemary Trujillo

Biochemistry Funding - Brendan Magee

Faculty Recruitment -

Chemistry - Rosemary Trujillo

Biochemistry - Brendan Magee

Other - Ex. Lab Expenses Paid out of Pocket

Chemistry  - Rosemary Trujillo

 Biochemistry - Brendan Magee

The Process for Your Reimbursement -

1) Submit your Reimbursement Request Form and corresponding receipts & SPA TA (if applicable),to the appropriate Department Contact above via email. 

2) The staff member will review your request and once approved, will submit your request to Tiffany Brown, Director of Finance & Operations, for approval. 

3) Once approved at the department level, your request is sent to the Financial Service Center (FSC) for processing by Marge Berlin.  You will be contacted by her directly should you need to provide additional documentation, explanation, etc. and will be contacted once the reimbursement report is available in Concur for your approval.  Non-Employees will be asked to provide additional information. 

4) Employees - Upon email notification from Marge Berlin in the FSC, you need to log into Concur through the MyCU Portal and submit your reimbursement report.  Once submitted by the requestor and approved, you can anticipate receiving your reimbursement within 2 weeks.  Employees will receive their reimbursements as automatic deposits in their checking account. 


If you cannot find the the document you need, please feel free to contact the Graduate Student Coordinator.


NoPictureverysmallCori Fagan-Edminster - Chemistry
Office: Cristol 100G
Phone: 303-492-8978
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
NoPictureverysmallKim Kelley - Biochemistry
Office: JSCBB A171C
Phone: 303-735-7616
Email: kkelleyThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.