Global Medical Brigades

The CU chapter of Global Medical/Dental Brigades is a student-led organization that raises money to buy medications for Central American communities who have limited access to quality medical and dental care. As an advisor to CU-GMB, Dr. Feldheim travels with the brigade each year to Central America to work in clinics and participate in public health construction projects. Photos from recent trips are shown below.  For more information visit

Tela, Honduras (March 2011)


Meteti, Panama (March 2012)

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P3290088 P3290109
Doan_dental_kid P3290112

Metiti, Panama (May 2013; Medical, Dental, and Public Health)

  Esteli, Nicaragua (May, 2014; Medical and Public Health)
 Bath-Laundry room Triage 
 Soccer Parking 

 Esteli, Nicaragua (May, 2015; Medical, Dental, and Public Health)

 Public Health1B  Medical 1B
Medical 2B  Medical 3B