Department Facilities

Our department has a wide array of instruments that are managed and maintained by skilled professionals.

Biomolecular X-ray Crystallography

The macromolecular x-ray facility has a Phoenix dropsetter for crystallization, a RockImager system for crystal imaging, and two Rigaku R-axis IV++ image plate systems for diffraction screening/data collection. One image plate is interfaced to a RuH2R rotating anode generator, and the other, to an Incoatec sealed tube microfocus generator. Individuals wishing to use the facility should contact the lab manager, David McKay.

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NoPictureverysmallDavid McKay
X-ray Lab Manager

Office: Cristol 32
Phone: 303-492-0970
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Chem Stores

The Chem Stores stocks and maintains an inventory of chemicals, glassware, office equipment and more.

Flow Cytometry

A Cytomation flow cytometer/cell sorter, and a Benton Dickinson FACScan Cytometer with FACScan software for data collection and analysis are located in the Cristol Building, and are maintained by Dr. Xuedong Liu.

Fluorescence Spectroscopy

A SLM 48000S fluorescence spectrometer equipped for steady state and phase modulation lifetime measurements, with laser (Coherent Innova 306 argon ion laser) and arc lamp (Xe or Hg-Xe) excitation sources, is located in the Cristol Building and maintained by Dr. Joe Falke.

High Throughput Screening Facility

The High Throughput Screening Facility is a non-profit core facility aiming to promote chemical biology research and drug discovery at CU-Boulder and surrounding areas.

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Macromolecular NMR Facility

The Macromolecular NMR Facility is composed of three distinct facilities that contain state-of-the-art instrumentation. One facility, housed in Cristol, contains two 500 MHz and one 600 MHz Varian Inova NMR spectrometers with a cryogenic probe on the 600 MHz instrument. The W. M. Keck 800 MHz NMR Facility is located off campus (CINC Building) in Boulder and houses a Varian 800 MHz NMR with cryogenic probe. This facility is a consortium between three institutions: CU-Boulder, University of Colorado, Denver Health Sciences Center and the University of Utah. The Rocky Mountain Regional 900 MHz NMR Facility is located at the Anschutz Medical campus and houses a Varian 900 MHz NMR and serves the high field NMR requirements of publicly funded research institutions in Rocky Mountain/West Central states.

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Mammalian Cell culture

A BL2-plus certified cell culture facility in the Cristol Building shared by all Biochemistry investigators is equipped with four containment hoods, five double door CO2 incubators, an automated liquid nitrogen storage unit, a cytospin centrifuge and an inverted microscope with light and fluorescence sources. The facility is supervised by staff specialist Theresa Nahreini, who trains students in sterile technique and oversees daily operations of media preparation and maintenance of cell lines.

Mass Spectrometry

The Central Analytical Laboratory at the University of Colorado at Boulder serves as a resource offering analytical and instructional expertise in mass spectrometric techniques and instrumentation. We offer a wide selection of mass spectral services to the research community within the University system and at-large with the aim of providing scientists with practical training and access to the state-of-the-art instrumentation they need to develop and meet their research interests.

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NMR Spectroscopy

The NMR Facilities at the University of Colorado - Boulder maintain a variety of state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers at a variety of magnetic fields to support the wide variety of research needs of the entire University. The NMR spectrometers available for hands-on use are located in Room 02 in the Cristol Chemistry Building (directly beneath the main Chemistry & Biochemistry Dept. Offices).

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Integrated Instrument Development Facility

The CIRES/Chemistry Integrated Instrument Development Facility is multi-faceted, consisting of design, precision machine, electronics and scientific glassblowing shops dedicated to the design and fabrication of scientific instrumentation. IIDF specializes in complete instrument development, from theory to testing.

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