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Welcome to the Dukovic Group

group photo 2015
We are an interdisciplinary group focused on nanoscience for solar energy harvesting. We are interested in synthesis of novel nanoscale materials and in the behavior of photoexcited states in such systems. More ...

A postdoctoral position is available in femtosecond spectroscopy of nanomaterials. More ...

Recent Group News

  • Ten-hundred word challenge by Amanda
    January 29th,2016

    In the recent Science Buffs article on the "ten-hundred word challenge" and the "up-goer-five" text editor, Amanda explained our group's research in excessively simple terms.  Limited to the 1000 most commonly used words, she described nanocrystals as "tiny rocks" and couldn't even use the word "energy."  Read the article here...

  • New Publication
    January 27th,2016

    Manuscript on nano particles and nano droplets problem with ultrafast extreme ultraviolet beams, led by our collaborators in the Kapteyn-Murnane group, has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

  • Sabbatical visitor
    January 25th,2016

    We are pleased to welcome Jeremiah Duncan, Associate Professor of Chemistry from Plymouth State University, who will be spending his sabbatical in the group.

  • New PhD students join group
    January 17th,2016

    The Dukovic group is pleased to welcome Kristina Vrouwenvelder and Shelby Beer, 1st year PhD students in Materials and Nanoscience, and Jesse Ruzicka, a 1st year PhD student in Physical Chemistry, to the group!

  • Yinggang accepts Research Assistant Professor position!
    August 31st,2015

    Yinggang Lu, Ph.D. is departing for a Research Assistant Professor position at UNC Charlotte.  Congratulations Yinggang!

  • 2015 Graduate Teaching Awards
    August 17th,2015

    Congratulations to Marta Sulima and Leah Hall for being awarded 2015 Graduate Teaching Excellence Awards by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry!

  • New postdoctoral scholar
    August 17th,2015

    The Dukovic Group welcomes Pornthip Tongying, Ph.D. as our new postdoctoral scholar.  Pornthip received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame specializing in TEM and nanocrystal synthesis.  Welcome, Pornthip!

  • New publication
    July 28th,2015

    A manuscript describing synthesis and characterization of oxynitride nanocrystals with a wide range of compositions has been accepted by Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

  • Provost's Award
    July 13th,2015

    Gordana has been selected to receive CU Provost's Faculty Achievement Award.  Congratulations, Gordana!

  • New PhD
    July 1st,2015

    Kyureon Lee has successfully defended his PhD dissertation.  He will be moving to South Korea for a research scientist position at LG Chem.  Congratulations to Kyureon!

  • New Summer Undergraduate Student
    June 29th,2015

    The Dukovic group is pleased to welcome our new summer undergraduate student, Alec Wild, from the University of Chicago!

  • New publication
    May 12th,2015

    A manuscript describing excited state dynamics in chalcogenide-capped quantum dots has been accepted by the Journal of Physical Chemistry C

  • New publication
    May 2nd,2015

    A manuscript about excited state dynamics in oxynitride nanocrystals has been accepted by the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

  • PhD Candidacy
    April 1st,2015

    Congratulations to second year students, James Utterback, Orion Pearce, and Hayden Hamby for advancing to PhD candidacy.

  • James awarded NSF fellowship
    March 31st,2015

    James Utterback has been awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations to James!