Photos of the Damrauer Group


Damrauer Day, 2013-08-14. The Rockies won!


2013-08-14 13.33.57 small

People above, from left to right starting with the top row: Leo, Nellie, Niels, Bruno, Anna, Jamie, Sean, Karen, Jasper, Bijan, Sam, Thomas, Greg.


2013-08-14 13.33.37 small


2013-08-14 13.44.48 small




damrauer day at the rockies 2009

Damrauer Day at the Rockies 2009. (Joel Eaves doesnt have a group yet so we adopted him)


Mirv and Jane

josh and erikHW and Paul

Josh, Erik, Paul, and Huan Wei.

group at gameleo bruno

josh, erik, heather, mirv, leo, and bruno.

group 2008

December 17, 2008 (niels' birthday) from left: Heather, Paul (new Paul), David, Erik, Josh, Mirv, Huan-Wei, Leo, Pa, Bruno

Group Pic 2007
circa 2007 from left: Paul, Hsinhui, Erik, Niels, Leo, Matt, Heather, Josh, Mirv

group birthday
circa 2007 birthday (?) at the Sink from left: Matt, Erik, Mirv, Josh, Hsinhui, Niels Paul (Heather is missing or taking pic?)

josh in hood
Josh in hood.

josh and Mirv in laser
Mirv and Josh in clark

bruno at gamebrownieMatts brownie

bruno at annual damrauer group rockies 
loss (2008)

paul vallet with fish

Paul with fish bag (?) (2008)

laserour experiments

matt and josh foosballmatt and josh at scumdowner (circa 2006)

niels and matt foosniels and matt at scumdowner (circa 2006)

niels solderniels soldering

hsinhui pic


guinea pigscinnamon and snowball.