Graduate Timeline

We are currently in the process of recruiting graduate students. We will be done selecting students near mid-march, at which point a timeline will be formed and posted. Thank you for your patience.

-Department of Chemistry and Bio-chemistry


Here is an expected timeline for your graduate career.

In-state Tuition - should be filed for in your first year. Tuition Classification

Graduate Timeline

During this first year of study, students are also given the chance to familiarize themselves with faculty research by attending seminars by faculty on their research and research group meetings, and by individual meetings with faculty members. Students are encouraged to start research as soon as they have selected a faculty advisor as the Ph.D. degree is awarded largely for a demonstrated ability in creative research. 

Before the end of their second year in the Ph.D. program students complete a number of other requirements, including a comprehensive examination, which consists of written cumulative examinations (or a single written exam in the case of Chemical Physics), and an oral examination. At some point later in the program (typically in the 3rd or 4th year) students complete an original research proposal (not required in Chemical Physics), and give a seminar to the Department on a topic outside their own research. The final examination for the Ph.D. degree is primarily a defense of the candidate's thesis, and most students graduate with their Ph.D. in about 5 years.


CUMES are short for the Cumulative Examinations that graduate students must take.

Orals - Oral comprehensive examination that concludes with an application to PhD Candidacy.

Thesis Binding - Contact the department Graduate Program Assistant.

Defending Your Thesis